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Zence Consultancy Ltd is operated by its director Dr David Goss.

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Dr David Goss - Director

BEng (Hons), MSc, DCounsPsych, CPsychol, HEA Fellow

Welcome to Zence Consultancy

Hi, my name's David.  I'm the director of Zence Consultancy Ltd. I'm a chartered psychologist, registered with both the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and British Psychological Society (BPS).

I initially completed a degree in mechanical engineering and worked in project management consultancy for a number of years, before pursuing a career in my hobby, passion and love - psychology. I founded Zence Consultancy as I wanted the independence to truly work with each individual client, finding the right approach for each person, group and organisation, rather than fitting people into a predesignated box or approach. I'm a counselling psychologist. At the heart of my work is a belief that there is no one single solution for every person. We are all unique.


In all aspects of my work, I integrate theory and research from psychology, neuroscience and philosophy, to provide evidence based, creative interventions in collaboration with you.

Through my years of taking part in the fields of sport, business and research, I have a foundation of experiential understanding which, combined with my psychology training, allows me to offer unique contributions and support, specific to your requirements.


Additional to circa 15 years of working in consultancy, I have spent a number of years providing psychological therapy in private practice, as a senior psychologist in the NHS and currently deliver psychological therapy within an organisational setting. I spent several years in a clinical lead role at a neurological charity, delivering a range of counselling and psychotherapy as well as managing the overall counselling service. I have also worked as a university lecturer, teaching and publishing research and currently externally supervise several doctoral research projects.


Outside of my work at Zence Consultancy, I enjoy reading, writing, mindfulness meditation, yoga, hiking, football and golf (actually, pretty much every sport).

I look forward to working with you and embarking on a journey together.

There is nothing permanent except change


- Heraclitus

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