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Athletes and Sport

I want to help you enjoy your sport.


I focus on wellbeing and mentality, helping your performance and life to flow.



As a counselling psychologist, I support people in understanding how their thoughts, experiences and emotions can affect their lives. I believe the exact same principle occurs for athlete and team performance.

I combine my experience and enthusiasm of sports with my training and experience as a counselling psychologist to deliver a tailor made service, founded on psychological and neuroscientific research.

I focus on wellbeing and mentality, rather than mechanical skills - working with athletes from every sport. I also work with sports teams, coaches and managers, utilising a range of practices to understand how the systemic structure of their team operates and how it can be optimised.

What I can offer

The mind plays a vital role in all sports. I work collaboratively with athletes to understand how different aspects of their lives impact on performance. It is from this that we can build on the athlete's existing mental faculties of strength, fluidity and adaptation, understanding their goals and how these can best be achieved.

I provide behavioural techniques from proven models of psychotherapy (e.g., CBT), to help with focus and relaxation in the moment, but key to my service, is that I also work with you to create awareness and understanding of surrounding life factors which may impact on your performance.

Whilst it is important to work with cognitions (thoughts), I believe it is vital that athletes also recognise the role of affect (emotion) in their performance. My clinical training allows me to take you through this process in a confidential, relaxed and informal manner, allowing you to develop self-awareness which can translate directly to your performance.

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