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Helping you to develop a work environment in which you, your colleagues and employees feel supported, engaged and enthused.


I combine my clinical training and experience, with almost 15 years of multi-sector management consultancy, to provide a range of organisational services tailored to your needs. I incorporate psychological, neuroscientific and philosophical research into each aspect of my work, to deliver a service which founded on experience and theory.


I understand that when peeople are part of a team or organisation, they are immersed within the structure and dynamics.  


I help provide an alternative perspective, viewing your organisational structure from a different angle.  


Whilst each individual organisation will have different needs, my overall aim is to work with you in mapping how your organisation operates from a people perspective. I can help you in developing and supporting workplace well-being, I can help you identify areas where communication and process may impact on your results, as well as input mechanisms and practices to help alleviate some of the interpersonal challenges which naturally occur with team structures. 


I can help across all organisational roles, supporting you in developing reflective practices which foster creative and effective teamwork.

What I can offer

Interpersonal Communication

Problem Solving

Conflict Resolution

Mental Health Service Development

Team Building

Critical Incident Support


Employee Counselling


Project and Strategy Planning

Tailored Service...

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